III LAwTTIP Young Researchers Workshop - Call for papers

In the framework of the LAwTTIP Jean Monnet Network, the Institut de l'Ouest: Droit et Europe (IODE) of the University of Rennes 1, in collaboration with the Centre of European Law of King's College London and the International Research Centre on European Law of the University of Bologna, is hosting the III LAwTTIP Young Researchers Workshop in Rennes from 4th to 7th of June 2019. The Workshop will take place at Rennes’ Faculty of Law and Political Science. 

This four-day workshop will consist of a training school aiming to help young researchers and doctoral students to write and published a paper. Each participant, selected on the basis of the present call for papers, which will be circulated through the network website and the Jean Monnet virtual community, will send a draft paper that will be presented during the workshop and discussed by two senior academics playing a tutoring role. After the workshop, the young researcher will receive appropriate advice to finalize his/her final paper. Depending on the quality of the paper and after a review by key staff members of the network, the paper will be published online as part of a dedicated issue of the LAwTTIP working paper series. The event will start with an opening lecture and close with a concluding lecture, given by distinguished scholars.

Two main lines of research could be followed to this end.

The first one would be twofold. It should, on the one hand, serve to identify the legal means by which the EU NGFTAs are articulated with other legal instruments of international law. It should, on the other hand, consider whether the NGFTAs are actually relevant instruments for the promotion of the rule of law in the international legal order. 

The second line of research should be much more inward looking. In other words, it should be directed to the analysis of the internal – constitutional, institutional and substantial – effects of the implementation of EU NGFTAs on the EU legal order. Again, this line of research would be twofold. It could, firstly, be focused on the effectiveness of the external action’s consistency requirement with the internal policies of the Union, at least with their external aspects, as prescribed by Art. 21(3) TFEU. This could include the study of the impact of EU NGFTAs on fundamental principles of the EU legal order, such as for instance the equality of treatment / non-discrimination principle. Secondly, it might also serve as a good opportunity to review the autonomy concern that they create in light of the Opinion 1/17 procedure. 

Draft papers of 3,000 to 5,000 words should be submitted in English to Prof. Isabelle Bosse-Platière (isabelle.bosse-platière@univ-rennes1.fr), Prof. Cécile Rapoport (cecile.rapoport@univ-rennes1.fr) and Nicolas Pigeon (nicolas.pigeon@univ-rennes1.fr) by April 15th 2019

More info are available in the call enclosed herewith.

III LawTTIP Young Researchers Workshop_Call for papers

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