Jean Monnet Network LAwTTIP -
Legal Ambiguities withstanding TTIP

1 February 2017

A Jean Monnet Network of 3 renowned European university centres, where leading EU-law scholars work together with talented academic in their early stages of career.

1 February 2017

A large partnership among scholars, researchers and policymakers, with strong analytical, teaching and problem-solving skills to improve the general understanding of the legal implications that lie behind the TTIP model and other EU trade agreements.

UNIBO LAwTTIP Seminar Series
25 September 2017

The International Research Centre on European Law of the University of Bologna launches a Seminar Series on the legal implications for the protection of fundamental rights emerging from the negotiation and implementation of EU FTAs.

UNIBO TTIPills Lecture Series
26 October 2017

The International Research Centre on Europea Law of the University of Bologna organises a series of lectures exploring the the interaction beween EU trade agreements and other contractual obligations, as well as the status of the former into the EU legal order.

LAwTTIP Working Papers Series 2017/1

The first issue of the LAwTTIP Working Papers Series, collecting the abstracts of the I Joint Conference presentations, is now available!

LAwTTIP Working Papers Series Issue 2017/1

LAwTTIP News & Events

05/12/2017 1st KCL TTIPills Lecture Series Event
04/10/2017 UNIBO TTIPills Lecture Series
25/09/2017 UNIBO LAwTTIP Seminar Series
19/05/2017 I LAwTTIP Joint Conference ''TTIP and Beyond...''
18/05/2017 LAwTTIP Summer School ''Fundamental Rights and EU Trade Agreements''
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EU Newsroom

08/12/2017 The EU and Japan have finalised Economic and Partnership Agreement
06/12/2017 Case C‑600/14: mixity in the European Union's Free Trade Agreements
06/12/2017 Draft EU-Mercosur trade treaty leaked
20/11/2017 EU Commission's upcoming appointments with civil society
03/11/2017 The EU Commission to hold a stakeholder meeting on the multilateral reform of investment dispute resolution and the possible establishment of a multilateral investment court.
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Other Events

12/09/2017 Topics in Transatlantic Procurement Law
19/06/2017 31 CEL Summer Course in EU Law
26/05/2017 London Trade Conference on ''Dispute Settlement in Free Trade Agreements''
04/04/2017 Brexit Seminar Series
19/03/2017 London Trade Conference - Call for Papers
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