Jean Monnet Network LAwTTIP -
Legal Ambiguities withstanding TTIP

1 February 2017

A Jean Monnet Network of 3 renowned European university centres, where leading EU-law scholars work together with talented academic in their early stages of career.

1 February 2017

A large partnership among scholars, researchers and policymakers, with strong analytical, teaching and problem-solving skills to improve the general understanding of the legal implications that lie behind the TTIP model and other EU trade agreements.

III LAwTTIP Young Researchers Workshop - Call for papers
19 February 2019

The Institut de l'Ouest: Droit et Europe (IODE) of the University of Rennes 1 invites submissions for the III LAwTTIP Young Researchers Workshop (Rennes, 4-7 June 2019).

III LAwTTIP Joint Conference - Call for Papers
17 December 2018

The Centre of European Law at King's College London invites submissions for the III LAwTTIP Joint Conference "EU Law, Trade Agreements, and Dispute Resolution Mechanisms: Contemporary Challenges" (London, 21-22 March 2019).

III LAwTTIP Joint Conference - Call for Papers

The Call for Papers of the III LAwTTIP Joint Conference is now available!


LAwTTIP News & Events

19/02/2019 III LAwTTIP Young Researchers Workshop - Call for papers
18/02/2019 1st KCL LAwTTIP Seminar Series 2019
17/12/2018 III LAwTTIP Joint Conference - Call for Papers
07/12/2018 UNIBO TTIPills Lecture - Judge Vajda
03/12/2018 2nd KCL TTIPills Lecture Series Event 2018-2019
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EU Newsroom

18/02/2019 EU Parliament approves the new European framework for screening of foreign direct investments
01/02/2019 EU-Japan EPA Enters Into Force
29/01/2019 AG Bot finds that the ICS – the mechanism for the settlement of disputes between investors and States provided in CETA – is compatible with EU law
23/01/2019 EU steps up engagement with Republic of Korea over labour commitments under the trade agreement
21/01/2019 The EU moves forward efforts at UN on multilateral reform of ISDS
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Other Events

16/05/2018 LAwTTIP Book Launch "Tutto un altro mondo. Globalizzazione e innovazione tecnologica: la strada europea"
12/09/2017 Topics in Transatlantic Procurement Law
19/06/2017 31 CEL Summer Course in EU Law
26/05/2017 London Trade Conference on ''Dispute Settlement in Free Trade Agreements''
04/04/2017 Brexit Seminar Series
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