I LAwTTIP Roundtable

The first Jean Monnet Network 'LAwTTIP - Legal Ambiguities withstanding TTIP' Roundtable will be hosted at the School of Law of the University of Bologna on 6 February 2017 (9:00 AM). The Roundtable aims at:

  • presenting the Network to a targeted audience of potential interest groups, with particular regard to European and national decision-makers and stakeholders (business organisations, trade unions, NGOs);
  • identifying the main risks, opportunities and ambiguities surrounding TTIP negotiations and implementation, carrying out an initial assessment of such ambiguities and defining a research agenda accordingly;
  • launching the LAwTTIP Website (www.LAwTTIP.eu) and presenting the Network's profiles on the main online social platforms.

Part 1 (video)

Part 2 (video)

UNIBO LAwTTIP Flyer I Roundtable FINAL