I LAwTTIP Joint Conference - Call for Papers

Call for papers 

"TTIP and Beyond: Negotiating and implementing the EU’s Free Trade Agreements in an uncertain environment" 

I LawTTIP Joint Conference (Rennes, 15-16 June 2017)


Objective of the Conference: 

TTIP has been one of the most contested topics on the EU’ External Agenda. The legal questions raised by TTIP exceed its negotiation process especially in a context of momentous changes in the European Union and the United States.

Defined variously as a new model for the Union’s trade relations, and even as the symbol of a ‘hyper-globalization’, the TTIP raises legal issues that are likely to endure despite the probable failure of its negotiation.  

Despite its likely failure, the TTIP negotiation has attracted a wide attention to a new generation of Free trade agreements. Citizens, local powers, stakeholders, National Parliaments… discovered that new issues were at stake with such a deep and comprehensive form of trade agreements aiming at interconnecting economies and legal systems. Such diffuse awareness had a ‘domino effect’ on the negotiation of other trade and investment Agreements of the EU. For example, EU-Canada CETA which was at a more advanced procedural stage suddenly became a major European topic. Its signature implied last minute changes and its conclusion and provisional application are subject to several procedural uncertainties (mixity, potential referenda within Member States...).

We invite you to send an abstract (500-1000 words) in English (or exceptionally in French) by 31 March 2017 to pasquale.breger-tesnier@univ-rennes1.fr.

Notification of acceptance will be sent by mid April 2017.

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