Teaching TTIP is intended as a virtual learning tool to be hosted on a specific platform within the LAwTTIP website. Teaching TTIP will be composed of 3 main elements:

  1. the TTIPills, video lessons on the foundations of the TTIP and its implications for the EU and European citizens, divided in 3 modules dedicated to 
    • the institutional aspects of the TTIP model and the legal implications for the external action of the Union; 
    • the TTIP internal constitutional relevance; 
    • the TTIP justiciability before EU, arbitral and national tribunals.
  2. ad hoc powerpoint presentations related to the TTIPills, which shall clarify, summarize and facilitate the dissemination of the main contents of the video lessons;
  3. reference material, to be framed in a consultation and participation online portal, managed by the young researchers network; the portal will aim at supporting the video lessons by providing a one-stop shop for legal and practical informations about TTIP negotiation and implementation, classified on the basis of their relevance for each targeted interest group.‚Äč