Topics in Transatlantic Procurement Law


The LAwTTIP Jean Monnet Network is proud to sponsor a continuing series on "Topics in Transatlantic Procurement Law".

The series - organized by King's CollegeGeorge Washington University, and PUBKLAW - will be composed of 2 seminars touching upon the most challenging issues in the field of public procurement on the two sides of the Atlantic.

Particular attention will be given to a comparative assessment of the evolution of remedies and the future challenges in the EU-US relations.

The first seminar will be held at George Washington University on November 1, 2017, and will see Judge Christopher Vajda discussing the role of the Court of Justice in developing the precedents that have shaped European procurement law.

For further information see the attached flyer.

31 CEL Summer Course in EU Law


From June 19 to June 28, 2017, the King's College London Centre of European Law (CEL) hosted the 31st edition of its annual Summer Course in EU Law.

The Jean Monne Network LAwTTIP sponsored two sessions of two hours of the Summer Course relating to judicial protection in the EU FTAs.

Professor Takis Tridimas, Director of the CEL, delivered a lesson (video recorded) on "External Relations and TTIP".

Ms Giorgia Sangiuolo, PhD candidate and Research Fellow at the CEL, presented on "Judicial Protection in the Investment Chapters of the European Union's FTAs - What now? The future of EU law".

London Trade Conference on ''Dispute Settlement in Free Trade Agreements''


Kings College London, in cooperation with the ESIL Interest Groups on International Courts and Tribunals and International Economic Law as well as SIEL, hosts a Conference on Dispute Settlement in Feee Trade Agreements on 26 & 27 May 2017.

The Conference addresses cutting-edge issues relevant to academic and practitioners alike, exploring and critiquing current models of dispute resolution in international trade law.

The King's Forum on International Dispute Resolution and the Centre of European Law (as part of the Jean Monnet Network LAwTTIP) cooperated on the Conference.

Brexit Seminar Series


During the academic year 2016/2017 the KCL Centre of European Law has run a series of twelve seminars covering different areas of law on which Brexit is likely to have an impact.

The Jean Monnet Network LawTTIP sponsored some of these seminars particularly relevant in the area of the EU trade and investment agreements. Specifically, the following seminars analysed the EU approach to negotiation and implementation of its new generation Free Trade Agreements (FTAs).

  1. Environmental Law (with specific regards to the environmental chapters of the EU FTAs and their peculiar system of dispute resolution agreements);

  2. World Trade Organisation (with specific regards to the interactions/incompatibilities between EU Law and WTO Law);

  3. Public Procurement (with specific regards to the interaction with the GPA and the dispute resolution systems in the procurement chapters of the new generation of EU FTAs);

  4. Arbitration (with specific regards to the way forward in the field of dispute resolution settlement in international economic agreements).

London Trade Conference - Call for Papers


Kings College London, in cooperation with the ESIL Interest Groups on International Courts and Tribunals and International Economic Law as well as SIELwill host a Conference on Dispute Settlement in Free Trade Agreements on 26/27 May 2017.


The Conference addresses cutting-edge issues relevant to academics and practitioners alike, exploring and critiquing current models of dispute resolution in international trade law.


Senior and junior scholars (including PhD students) are invited to submit papers to the Organising Committee on the topic of ‘Dispute Settlement in Free Trade Agreements’ (excluding investor-state dispute settlement).

Preference will be given to comparative approaches (comparing an issue across several FTAs) and rarely considered FTAs. Papers will be selected on the basis of the submitted abstracts.

The deadline for submission is April 12, 2017.