LAwTTIP Working Papers Series:

The LAwTTIP Working Papers Series will collect:

  • the reports of the three joint conferences organised by the participating organisations;
  • the papers submitted by the participants to the two young research workshops and to the three seminar series;
  • other contributions put forward by young researcher intended to contribute to the research on the legal aspect of the TTIP conducted by the network (including paper proposals selected but not included in the joint conferences, if applicable).

The online working papers shall be reviewed by the authors after having been presented and will be evaluated by two members of the working paper series editorial board, composed by the LAwTTIP Steering committee and by the other Key staff members. 

Series editors:

Prof. Lucia Serena Rossi

Prof. Andrea Biondi

Prof. Isabelle Bosse-Platière

Prof. Cécile Rapoport


The LAwTTIP working papers will be collected in 9 issues, dealing with:

  1. “Negotiating and implementing TTIP: Institutional and Procedural Issues for the EU” (Rennes, spring 2017, report of the I LAwTTIP Joint Conference);
  2. “TTIP and legal implications for the protection of the EU fundamental rights” (Bologna, fall 2017, papers submitted for the I LAwTTIP seminar series);
  3. “ISDS, Supremacy of EU law and the principle of effective judicial protection” (London, spring 2018, papers submitted for the II LAwTTIP seminar series);
  4. “Legal Impacts of TTIP on EU’s External Relations” (Rennes, spring 2018, papers submitted for the III LAwTTIP seminar series);
  5. “Integrating TTIP into the EU legal order: Threatening or mainstreaming the EU constitutional identity?” (Bologna, spring 2018, report of the II LAwTTIP Joint Conference);
  6. “Investment Protection, TTIP and beyond” (London, fall 2018, papers submitted for the I LAwTTIP Young researchers Workshop);
  7. “Internal and external impacts of TTIP for the EU” (Rennes, spring 2019, papers submitted for the II LAwTTIP Young researchers Workshop);
  8. “ISDS, Supremacy of EU law and Effective Judicial Protection within the context of TTIP” (London, spring 2019, report of the III LAwTTIP Joint Conference);
  9. “TTIP: what lessons to be learned for EU policy makers?” (fall 2019, comprising a summary of the previous working paper issues, the 6 Executive summaries published on LAwTTIP website and the reflection paper collecting the findings of final expert meeting).